The Fomo-Bear scam, Wanda experts’ explain the Big Money Game

The past few days have been remarkable in the history of cryptocurrencies where we saw several unexpected events. It was the first time in the history where we saw some of the most influential people dividing into two groups on such a large scale, trying to manipulate the Cryptocurrency Market for their profits. For a deeper insight of the market, it becomes highly important to have a look over the recent statements from Mr. Wanda who is the CEO of Wanda Exchange-one of the most prominent Crypto Payments Service Providers in Thailand


According to the experts from Wanda Exchange, the war against Bitcoins is getting intense with different people joining every day to fight for their interests. There are majorly two types of people who are trying to go against Bitcoin in every way possible with very different intentions.

The first section of people is the “Big Bears”, who are the people playing their regular “FOMO-Scam Game” trying to create a virtual set of events to take the market down for buying the DIP. The total money and assets on this planet are limited and in a fix quantity and that fixed amount keeps rotating between people. And all these types of people want is to rip-apart the common people of their savings by creating a panic case.

Or where else do you see an established CEO suddenly realizing one day that “Oh! Bitcoins Consume a lot of energy, they are bad for the environment we won’t accept them.” And after he has created a panic market and may be possibly stocked up all of people’s bitcoins at half the rate, again realizes, “Oh! Maybe we can make Bitcoins work with Green Energy, Bitcoins are good.” These are some of the cruel tactics that the super-rich have been playing against the poor for ripping them apart of their savings. All of this brings the principle of, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” to life.

The second section of people trying to go against Bitcoin are the “Opportunists”, who would never fail to utilize any opportunity to promote their product at the cost of staking something which can be really revolutionary for the human civilization.

Well, if you look at the market wisely it would not be much of a difficult task to spot those opportunists, and seriously we don’t have much to worry about them because we have got a significant number of visionaries who know what is good for this world and they take their time to push down such “Opportunists.”


Mr. Wanda claims that, “Cryptocurrencies are the future, which would make this world a lot better place to live. Because in the coming time they would not just be a means of monetary transactions but the principal technologies of different cryptocurrencies would be solving some of the most complex problems of the human civilization efficiently. This can be verified from the fact that recently Blockchain Techology of a Cryptocurrency was utilized for conducting free and fair election in a Sub-Saharan Country where unbiased voting was a challenge.”

So, Mr. Wanda’s advice for any common trying his fortunes in cryptocurrency is, “When you decide to invest in Crypto, you decide to invest in the future, holding possibilities of unbelievable profits but only when you use your brains more than your ears.”