The past few days have been notable in the history of cryptocurrencies, where it was the first time after 2018 where we saw too many “paper hands” exiting the market taking huge losses. It’s a common phenomenon that takes place amidst every dip where we see most of the “weak hands” exiting at losses. But the thing that made this unique is, it is the first time in the history of cryptos where it was so easy to spot big players manipulating the market.

Yes! You heard that right. Today we would be sharing some deep insights from our conversation with the experts from Wanda Exchange who are the biggest and most trusted crypto service provider in Thailand. For your reference we would like to add they are the same experts who had already warned you a couple of weeks ago about the coming Dip!


A Dip in any market is referred to as any price drop in any tradable entity for a considerable period of time. A dip can be formed due to a variety of reasons but it can majorly understand it from the “demand and supply rule”. Generally, the price of any commodity depends on its supply in the market and its relative demand. But if suddenly we reach a state where the demand decreases notably and the supply increases, then in this case we see a depreciation in the price of that commodity. These sudden depreciations in value of a tradable entity for a notable period of time are called dips.

Generally, when they are not natural, or say event-led dips are formed as the result of a series of events like any economic crisis, any global incident or any of the big events that affects a large majority of investors. But what if we say that the events were created knowingly by some really powerful bodies to make a planned dip. This looks fairly similar to the situation we are currently witnessing.


The evening of 31 May, 2021 was when heated debates started surfacing between intellectuals from almost every part of this world. Mr. Wanda who is the CEO of Wanda Exchange-One of the largest crypto-currency exchanges in Thailand caused a sudden upheaval with his claim of tagging the current crypto-dip as “planned”.

According to the experts from Wanda Exchange all of this started with one of the CEOs from a US based tech-giant suddenly getting an idea someday that, “Oh! Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy, they are really bad.” As soon as his views came out in public the market started dropping because of the rapid buildup of negative sentiments. Events followed by it, and with various adverse news coming from the different parts of the world, the fear-factor amongst the “weak hands” started strengthening.

But the real twist comes when the same CEO wakes up some day claiming, “We are seriously considering to use green energy for crypto-mining to make it feasible.” Probably this was the time when they had already succeeded in ripping apart most of the “weak hands” off their savings. But the real big-bears still remain unmasked, playing innocent behind him, and Mr. Tech-CEO became the poster-boy of this event.

The major support to Wanda Exchange’s theory started pooling in when we saw most of the Indian Banks denying their services for crypto-exchanges during the dip, maybe for creating extra-panic during the dip. And as soon as their objective was met or say the dip was on to an end, we saw a statement coming from the Reserve Bank of India instructing all the banks to provide services readily to the crypto exchanges. All of these incidents give further strength to the claims by the experts from Wanda Exchange.


Mr. Wanda who is the founder of Wanda Exchange-one of the biggest and most trusted crypto service provider in Thailand states that, “Crypto is not an another get-rich-quick scheme, rather it is very similar to any other investment where you have to use your heart more than your ears.”

From this statement it becomes very clear that Cryptocurrencies have now became really influential, and it is high time we should start considering them seriously as any other currencies. Because as long as we would look up to them as any other get-rich-quick schemes or Ponzi schemes we would keep on getting scammed by the big-players. Crypto, if adopted seriously can transform this world and can really make the current payments systems a lot faster and cheaper. And it would be no injustice if we claim, “Crypto is the future!”