Dynasties die out; centuries pass by, government and monetary systems change. Yet, the basic rules of any system of currency remain unchanged – “The Rich Get Richer, and The Poor Get Poorer.” The very basic concept of money is an exchange of value. This intended to provide an easy flow of goods and commodities. However, it didn’t take long for its meaning to change. Once money might have run on the principle of value transfer, but now it operates as a store of value.

The historical testimonies of many glorious empires tell us that “The top 1% of people control 99% of the money and the lives of the remaining 99% of people.” Our history books teach that dominance and greed is a basic human instinct. In this quest for dominance, money or any other equivalent store of value is the most lethal weapon. We all know that history repeats itself, so as we observe one of the most significant wealth transfers of the decade, the responsibility rest on us as to which way we go: the top 1% or the remaining 99%.


Mr. Dariusz Wota, the well-regarded CEO of Wanda Exchange, has become a crucial advisor in this oncoming transfer of wealth due to his high standing in the current market. Wanda Exchange, the biggest and most trusted crypto payment service provider in Thailand, has released their view on the current market situation.

The CEO of Wanda Exchange, Mr. Dariusz Wota, is well established within the crypto industry, beginning his journey back in 2009. He recently provided some highly exclusive market insights during a press release. According to the experts in Wanda Exchange, “An investment is a store of value that rewards the patient and punishes the impatient, causing a massive wealth transfer from the impatient to the patient.”

In the past few days, we have observed a state of dilemma amongst retail crypto-investors who are selling off their assets and taking huge losses due to the current instability in the crypto market. It’s essential to observe that market trends aren’t indicating an accumulation zone that results in a bull run. The retail investors are currently the 99%, selling off their assets at a loss, causing wealth to transfer to the top 1%.

Most human actions are driven by greed due to it being a prominent feature of human psychology. When we see the losses coming, our greed turns into fear, and this fear drives us to escape the situation even if that results in huge losses. Experts at Wanda Exchange strictly advise that investments are a speculative and calculative affair and not an affair of emotions. So whenever you invest, keep your feelings out and put your brains in.


Mr. Dariusz Wota has repeatedly been advising investors “To Use Their Brains More Than Their Ears When They Invest.” A rational mind with little understanding of the monetary system can easily read the market conditions and conclude that “Patience is the key.” Sooner or later, we are bound to overcome this situation, and the reward would be getting to be in the top 1% of the people, not the bottom 99% whose lives are controlled by the top 1%. He advises investors to know their positions and long-term goals when they invest in Crypto or any other asset. Crypto is not a “Get-Rich-Quick Scheme,” but it is a system of investment that rewards you for your patience. Thankfully this time around, we don’t need to wait long before our patience pays off. Market analysis suggests that we are on the precipice of a massive bull run, so your current best decision is to “Hold your positions, tighten your seat belts, and you are all set to see big profits coming.”


Mr. Wanda who is the founder of Wanda Exchange-one of the biggest and most trusted crypto service provider in Thailand states that, “Crypto is not an another get-rich-quick scheme, rather it is very similar to any other investment where you have to use your heart more than your ears.”

From this statement it becomes very clear that Cryptocurrencies have now became really influential, and it is high time we should start considering them seriously as any other currencies. Because as long as we would look up to them as any other get-rich-quick schemes or Ponzi schemes we would keep on getting scammed by the big-players. Crypto, if adopted seriously can transform this world and can really make the current payments systems a lot faster and cheaper. And it would be no injustice if we claim, “Crypto is the future!”