Most frequent questions and answers

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I have no knowledge of crypto, can I be a part of the Wanda Ecosystem?

Yes! At Wanda.Exchange we stand by you through every step of crypto payments. As a merchant at Wanda.Exchange you never need to worry about the technical part. Our teams will always be there by your side to help you throughout the process.

How will this crypto payment thing help me?

If you look at the global trends the number of buyers interested in buying gems or better say precious commodities in exchange of crypto has increased exponentially over the period of time. If we look at the current market trends there is a vast section of buyers who want to buy gems in exchange for crypto but they don’t have many options, we just help to connect you with such buyers. And trust us, this industry is way bigger than anyone can ever estimate.

What steps do I need to follow in order to be a part of the Wanda Ecosystem?

At Wanda we believe in keeping things simple for our partners. In order to be a part of Wanda you just need to click on the contact us button below and submit your details. Our business development team will soon contact you and guide you through the process. We hope to see you soon as a part of our growing family.


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