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The Wanda team has a long history of Bitcoin ATM Business operations in Europe. Thanks to the Wanda.Exchange web app, clients can even withdraw cash from traditional banking ATMs which are connected to the Wanda ecosystem. Customers open the Wanda web app, choose the location and currency which they would like to convert to FIAT and follow the instructions. A code will appear which the client types into the traditional banking ATM to receive local fiat money. It is certainly a business model which can be scaled quickly around the world.

Yes you can. Open the Wanda.Exchange web app and explore the location of all the Cash Pick Up Points in your target country. Wanda.Exchange specializes in crypto-FIAT exchanges. It was never easier!

WE Token is the native Wanda Exchange Token and can be used for discounts and fast payments at every participating POS partner worldwide or in Wanda Cash Exchange. Customers always enjoy the best rates when cashing out $WE compared to other currencies.

Our unique and patented POS system works in a very smooth way for buyers as well as sellers. While the buyer can easily pay in crypto – the seller will receive instantly the FIAT money to his Wanda Exchange Account. The POS can also be used to buy cryptocurrencies for example in currency exchanges or Western/Union partners.

The Wanda Cash Exchange is the missing puzzle to smoothly connect cryptocurrency and cash. Beside P2P there are no other ways to buy crypto for cash or sell it for cash, without going through a bank in any way. Wanda Cash Exchange will solve this problem with cash pick up points to make the on-off ramp of cryptocurrencies as easy and simple as exchanging traditional (FIAT) currencies in a currency exchange.

Please find here the guide on how to easily buy our tokens on Pancakeswap.finance . Please make sure to double check the contract (0x0DD3a140346a94d403Ac62385DaaF5a86b50e752) before buying WE Tokens.

WE are giving back something to the community! With every transaction over our Wanda POS/ATMs, you are also helping the local community with a small percentage of your payment volume, to help the community.

Within Q3/22 our services for cash on-off ramp to crypto will be available in Poland and Germany, quickly followed by Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, before exploring the other countries in Europe. Note that you can still use the Wanda.Exchange App, even if you are not in a country with offered cash withdrawal options.

With your account on Wanda.Exchange you are able to use all services provided by Wanda. If you are lucky and living in a country that already enabled Wanda cash withdrawals, you can use the application in its full spectrum. If you are living outside of those areas, you can use the app to get withdrawals by bank, to top up your Paypal accounts or to simply swap or store crypto.