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Crypto to Cash ATM/POS


We have 5 years+ experience in Bitcoin ATM Business. Bitcoin ATM is like a conventional ATM, but it’s not tied to any bank. Using a Bitcoin ATM to cash out crypto is one of the easiest and quickest ways to convert crypto into cash. It is far more straightforward than using an exchange.

Use card to withdraw cash from any ATM

Our Token is revolutionizing Crypto/Cash withdrawals, transfers and exchanges. Forever!

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Wanda Exchange Unique Crypto ATM/POS

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Our easy POS/ATM devices, can be used in any currency exchange, pawnshop, kiosks, betting shops and many more for easy on- and offramp of cryptocurrency.

Become a pick-up point for cash and sell cryptocurrency to customers – easy to setup, easy to understand and easy to use.

Join the world of cryptocurrency with an experienced partner under a legal framework.

Online Exchange Service

Our target is to offer our online exchange services globally! Allowing you to send your WE Token and any other crypto through our website platform. To anyone, anywhere in the world, with minimum transaction fees!

This will bring the concept of decentralization to real-world applications, where you don’t need different currencies. Just hold our WE Token and you can withdraw it in fiat anywhere in this world!

Use card to withdraw cash from any ATM

Benefits for Sellers? our AI SYSTEM!

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Our smart AI systems choose the best time for our sellers to cash out their crypto and makes smart trades for them in order to enhance their profit.

Based on a newly developed consensus, we want to offer the best rates for everyone! Helping our partners dominate their respective industries. We help them increase their profit margins by reducing their transaction fees and time, by large amounts.

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Do cheaper, efficient and private purchases. And earn rewards at the same time.

We are building a futuristic payments infrastructure, where you can purchase items in crypto! With already 100,000+ condos and villas directly available for sale in crypto, we stand strong with our promise.

Using our smart payments infrastructure, we make large scale payments and investments feasible and a lot cheaper. With our AI which chooses the best networks and times to make the payment we make the commodity cheaper for the buyer and at the same time making higher profits for the seller.

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Executive Summary

Wanda is the leading company in Europe in terms of offering customers the ability to make payments and exchanges with crypto, it is a win-win condition for the merchants. The merchants are getting paid in their local currency and at the same time getting exposure to global business opportunities.

Name:Wanda Exchange
Max. supply:888,888,888 WE
Circ. supply:121,392,810 WE
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Dex:PancakeSwap & Mdex

Supply distribution breakdown

WE brain clock time

To ensure the stability and endurance of our token in the future. Making sure that it generates handsome profits for our investors. We have developed a timeline for the release of our WE Token and all associated processes that will be carried out with the successful launch of the product to market.

Our coin release timeline is as follows:

// 3 options (3-12m/gap)

Presale:10 %

// Within 6 months

Private Sale:6 %

// Within 36 months

Airdrop:1 %

// Within 60 months

Wanda.Exchange:30 %
Team:5 %
Marketing:7 %
Advisors:5 %
Staking rewards:11 %
Business operations:10 %
Non-Profit Foundation:5 %

// Instant

Liquidity:10 %

What can you do with WE?

Get extra rewards when you pay for commodities using WE Token!

You can already buy Real Estate and almost every commodity with WE in Thailand and soon we are going global!

Be the early part of a financial revolution which covers a trillion dollar industry

Our Roadmap


Meet the Team

We speak Thai | English | German | Polish | Russian

Darius (Wanda 万达)



Nick K






Director Poland

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